Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Arabic Birthday Wishes Or Greetings How To Say "Happy Birthday My Darling Husband" In Arabic Both Written And Verbal?

How to say "Happy Birthday my darling husband" in Arabic both written and verbal? - arabic birthday wishes or greetings

The birthday of my husband on Wednesday, can you please tell me how to write and say, "Happy birthday to my dear husband," I want to start a product on the cake, and I would write something like, "Happy Birthday my love, may Allah shower His blessings on You Forever "for your card. Thank you.


G. #2 said...

Happy birthday to my Dear Lover

كل سنة وانت طيب يا حبيبي العزيز - healthy Wenta Kol Aziz Al Tayeb Ya Habibi


Happy Birthday my love, may Allah's blessings shower upon you always
كل سنة وانت طيب يا حبيبي, نرجو من الله أن يباركك دائما
Col. Sains Wenta Tayeb Ya Habibi, Allah da'iman Narja yobarikoka min

Lulitta (^-^) said...

"EED zawjy and Milad Saeed Al-Habib '= عيد ميلاد سعيد يا زوجي الحبيب
Milad EED = = Birthday عيد ميلاد
Saeed سعيد = = happy
and (Somone called in Arabic)
zawjy زوجي = = my husband
Al-Habib = = الحبيب Darling
(You feel may be different from that orders sentense, but do not worry, a little different Arabic English

"Milad Saeed and habiby EED Allah bebarakatehi stores enshallah youne'em Daeman"
"عيد ميلاد سعيد ياحبيبي وانشاء الله ينعم الله عليك ببركاته دائما"

I hope that this would be good for you

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Theresa said...

I do not know how to write in Arabic on the written part, but the debate would be:

A "EED Milad Her" EED I Habeeb

In "stands for the letter is known as AIN

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