Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pokemon Leafgreen How To Get Pikachu Early Pokemon Glitches?

Pokemon glitches? - pokemon leafgreen how to get pikachu early

Hey PPL, know that I had a few technical problems. especially in the red and blue versions, but I want more. Please tell me no errors or fraud Useful information (such as how to catch Mew, but I know that person refuses to be located in the small trees) for any combination of red and blue, fire red and leaf green i havent (not yet arrived but I'm) on the diamond.
These are some tips that we already know:
(Red and blue)
Mew case
Glitch City (BTW, it is something important?)
Question of Cloning
M and missingno.
Surfing Pikachu

These are just a few id like to know:
Celebi, Jirachi or Deoxys (w / o gameshark or Nintendo Event)
Cmon, how to get Mew in Ruby or Leaf Green (B theres should be a place for him in the Pokédex
duplicate items (rUby or sapphire)
Togepi Pikablu or red / blue (my friend showed me pikablu, so it really must)

..... WhatsUp and w / Space Station @ Algaria city?

Remember, if you need to know a few tricks u can also come to me, I know several esp red and blue.

... oh yeah and plz no gameshark codes

thx a mil

ps has anyone heard of mewthree mistake? Is that true? watsup W n / Truck damn!? it must make sense?


xapathet... said...

The space station Algaria shows how many weeks you've played.
You can get a Celebi, if you have a Japanese version of Crystal and have telephone adapter.

Chad said...

Sorry M8, I can not help: (I do not even know mew / Cheats Surfing Pikachu, I'm sorry: (

Andi Jo said...


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